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You Can Buy a Replica of Lauren Conrad’s Engagement Ring – Straight from Lauren Conrad Herself! 

Lauren Conrad’s perfectly-curated Instagram feed is enviable in every way. And we would be incredibly jealous of her effortless style if she didn’t make it so easy for us to achieve it ourselves.

The Heartbreaking Reason Viola Davis Only Has One Photo of Herself as a Child

Viola Davis is a newly minted Oscar winner, but the Fences star grew up with much, much less.

Davis opens up in PEOPLE’s new cover story about the struggles of growing up in poverty and how her talent propelled her to success later in life. In the issue, the Best Supporting Actress winner talks movingly about the only photo she has from her childhood.

The Secret to George W. ‘El Jefe’ Bush’s Grandparenting: Video Games or Ice Cream? ‘I’m Your Guy!’

These days, former President George W. Bush‘s most important job is as grandfather in chief — and he’s got his strategy (or “strategery,” for the SNL fans out there) down pat.

This Is the World’s Fastest Hair Dryer

These days the Dyson hair dryer collects all the glory, and I get it. It’s sleek; it doesn’t sputter raucous white noise; it’s made by a pompous British company. It’s phenomenal in many ways, but it’s not the best implement for a quick and easy blowout. That title belongs to the Bio Ionic Ultralight Speed Dryer.