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Milo Gibson Reveals Dad Mel Gibson’s Biggest Tip Is to ‘Ignore the Camera’

PLUS: Milo Gibson opens up about dad Mel Gibson being a tough critic.

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How to Avoid Summer Regret

This morning I was struck with a terrible thought: I hadn’t been to a baseball game yet this summer. The crack of the bat, strike one, strike two, you’re out, hot dogs, a big beer, baseball cap, the mascot — all yet elusive to me, a woman who had ill-planned her warm-weather months and was now walking her dog in a Mets shirt, fraudulently. The thought was eased when I remembered that I had gone to a baseball game this summer. Oh, right. I went to opening day for the Brooklyn Cyclones. Oops.

Nude Blogger Who Moved to Tent in Jungle Accused of Secretly Living in Mansion

Rid yourself of your rationality and step into the all-natural world of Freelee the Banana Girl, an Australian YouTuber and blogger who’s currently embroiled in some grade-A niche drama. In 2014, she gained infamy within the lifestyle blogger scene when she promoted her 51-bananas-a-day diet, and since then, she has pivoted into a nude vegan blogger who lives in a South American jungle — or so she says.