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Can This Orca Baby Break the Curse?

I am typing this article with one hand, while clenching the other in a fist and banging it furiously on my wooden desktop. I do not want to jinx the following announcement, which I make with the most cautious optimism: A “bouncing” orca baby has been born to a very unlucky group of killer whales in Puget Sound. Further, that orca baby has survived — the first to do so in approximately four years.

This Organic Facialist Thinks We Need to Demand Less of Our Skin

Tammy Fender has the most soothing voice. With her delicate smile and dressed in a shade of white, you feel that you will be okay when you’re on her treatment table.

Fender might not necessarily consider it a calling, but she has always felt a relationship with nature. “I’ve always felt a connection to the energies of natural plant medicine, and even as a child, I felt drawn to the spiritual world and felt a deep concern for other people’s happiness. So my curiosity drew me into studying holistic healing and wellness.”

Brown Noise Is the Best Work Soundtrack

In an ideal world, I would wake up every morning, get ready, and commute to the office where, after a quick cup of coffee, I would slip into my business swimsuit (pinstripe) and crawl into an egg-shaped sensory deprivation tank. There, I would spend the rest of the day working, reclined and blissfully uninterrupted, pausing only for snacks and bathroom breaks. (Also, the tank would be outfitted with one of those wooden bath caddies on which I could prop my computer to prevent it from getting wet.)

I’ve Been in Four Relationships With the Same Person

I met my fiancé almost eight years ago, when we were both 20. People seem surprised by this: I often get asked how two people in their 20s have managed to stay in a successful, happy relationship for this long without breaking up. I used to say something vague and healthy-sounding in reply, like open communication, or mutual trust, or how important it is to be friends with your partner.

How Long Would You Have Lasted at Fyre Fest?

Last spring, while reveling in the smoldering pile of Fyre Fest, a luxury musical festival full of “models” and influencers and influencer-lites that ended in disaster, all I could think was damn. In a parallel universe where I had money to burn and pursued my worst impulses to wild abandon, that might have been me!