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Today Is Probably Your Favorite Celebrity’s Birthday

This morning, with my eyes still blurry from sleep and the lack of contacts, I began my morning ritual of scanning Instagram less than 90 seconds after waking up. With just one eye open, I scrolled to a nice but somewhat questionable birthday post for Betty White by E!. The actress and comedian is 97 today! I would have enjoyed this wonderful news more if the caption had not insisted on alluding to the fact that this means she is inching closer to death (as of course we all are).

The Marie Kondo Book Drama Does Not Spark Joy

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo is a Netflix show is about a woman (Marie Kondo) who wants to free people from the physical and emotional trash prisons in which they have trapped themselves. She works with people to declutter their homes, urging them to go through all of their belongings and get rid of anything that does not “spark joy,” including books.