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Why New-Job Anxiety Is Actually Good

Bookkeeping At The Office

Maybe you recently started a new job or project, in which case I recommend the tips found in this useful New York Times story: “How to Harness Your Anxiety.” Especially this line, because it’s promising but also funny on its own: “Research shows that anxiety can actually be a pathway to our best selves.” Right on.

Cherokee Nation Says Elizabeth Warren's DNA Test Was 'Wrong' & Slams Trump for 'Pocahontas' Taunt

After Elizabeth Warren asserted that she’s of Native American descent with a DNA test released on Monday, prominent members of the Cherokee Nation — a tribe to which she’s claimed ancestry — are addressing the fraught results.

These Are the Best Boots to Wear With Cropped Pants

Almost every pair of pants is at least a little bit cropped now, whether a Sabrina-style ankle-revealing crop or the wide-leg crop popularized by Jesse Kamm and Everlane. This presents a challenge: What shoes can you wear with them in cold weather that are nicer than a sneaker and socks? An ankle boot or a heel leaves a bit too much lower shin exposed to the frigid air.

Massachusetts Groom Found Dead After Being Swept Away in Floodwaters During Costa Rica Honeymoon

An American man who was swept away in floodwaters while on his honeymoon in Costa Rica will always be remembered “for his helpful and caring demeanor, his ability to make friends in any setting, and his love for his wife.”

According to a GoFundMe page that was created — which has since raised over $23,000 to help cover the costs for the logistics of a proper recovery and services — Josh Byrne, 30, died last Friday.

Why Amy Smart Says It's a 'Real Bonus' Being Married to Trading Spaces' Carter Oosterhouse


When it comes to tackling odd jobs around the house, no task is too difficult for Trading Spaces star Carter Oosterhouse.

“It’s a real bonus being married to this guy,” Amy Smart says in the latest issue of PEOPLE. “He can just put in new fixtures, fix the toilet, put new floors in and hang new shelves. Since we met, I haven’t needed a handyman.”