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‘Lil Timmy Tim’ Chalamet Back

Timothee Chalamet just won’t let us rest. Whether he’s making sweet love to A Peach or unknowingly wearing a bedazzled harness to the Golden Globes, he’s always got at least one trick up his sleeve to drive me to day dreaming and scribbling Mrs. Mariah Chalamet onto the nearest material I can find. Today was no different.

Do Not Lose These $995 Louis Vuitton Headphones

Over the holidays, AirPods went from being the ridiculous-looking headphones you see on the subway to a New York fact of life. Apple’s release of a second model in time for Christmas meant that lots of people got AirPods as a gift in their stockings, including plenty who claimed they would never buy them for themselves.

Why Am I So Proud When I Finish a Candle?

If I, a millennial, am to believe everything the media says about me, I have two defining characteristics: A predilection for “killing” things (up to and including diamonds, fast-casual food, and marriage) and a love of participation trophies. What would a trophy for killing things look like? Perhaps like the empty glass cups that mark the end of a candle.

‘The Planetary Health Diet’ Has a Nice Ring to It

Anyone else riveted by international nutrition battles? It’s the vegans versus the grass-fed meat-eaters — climate change versus the keto diet, fat versus carbs, human nature versus Mother Nature — and everyone is mad or pretending to be, except for the companies making money off all this, and I can’t look away.