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I Found a Jumpsuit You Can Do Everything in - Including Sleep!

I have made a habit out of searching Old Navy for the best women's clothes. I think part of what makes this routine of mine so fun is that the retailer frequently updates the site with new must haves.

I've been on a cozy kick lately, scooping up everything from loungewear to slippers, and I recently stumbled upon a bestseller that I knew had major potential. The
Cozy Zip-Front Hoodie Jumpsuit ($50) is the perfect marriage between a 24/7 jumpsuit and pajamas. It had glowing reviews, so I had to check it out for myself.

It did not disappoint. It's incredibly soft on the inside, has a built-in hood that I use all the time, pockets, and a cinched waistband, which makes the whole thing a bit more flattering than a traditional onesie. I bought it in the dusty pink/red shade, but it comes in three other colors, too. See how I styled it ahead.