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How to Make Any Outfit Work With Flip-Flops

Flip-flops at the beach are a no-brainer, but on the street at Fashion Week a couple seasons back they were a novelty again. Not since the early '00s had we seen flip-flops worn with such fervor, only this time, style stars traded low-slung jeans and crop tops for brightly printed midi dresses and Bermuda shorts and blazers. The result was infinitely cooler - a grown-up take on flip-flops that we didn't even know we needed.

Now, in the era of laid-back dressing and staying home, flip-flops have become an easy answer to "what to wear" for a quick errand run or a walk around the block. Of course, they can be so much more too. With outfit inspiration from a few of our favorite trendsetters, we're showing you 17 ways to make flip-flops work with, well, mostly anything in your closet. Ahead, find all the ideas you need to take your flip-flop game to the next level.