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21 Travel Tops So Versatile, You Can Wear Them Even After Your Trip Is Over

I've got packing down to a science. I always make sure my pieces are lightweight, comfortable, stylish, but most of all: versatile. While I often pack just one pair of jeans or one good dress, I always bring at least a few top options. These pieces are important because you can mix and match them with just about anything and style them so many ways. This Summer, I'm looking to invest in a few new picks for all my upcoming getaways. I went on a mission to uncover the best finds the internet has to offer.

Ahead, you'll find my 21 favorite picks perfect for every type of trip. From tank tops to tees and lightweight blouses, no doubt you'll have a hard time leaving empty handed. The best part: prices start at just $10, so it's easy to splurge on more than just one. Keep reading to see which ones belong in your suitcase.