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Today in Very Important Fashion Discoveries: The Perfect $8 Tie-Dye Tank

Wide-ribbed tank tops have been everywhere this year and remain at the top of my shopping list for various reasons. They looks somewhat like loungewear (and I'm all for being casual!), and the inherently thin fabric makes them perfect for tucking into high-waisted pants. Plus, ribbed texture always exudes a little '90s nostalgia.

Once I spotted this Fitted Rib-Knit Henley Tank ($8) in tie-dye print, I knew I'd be adding another top to my wardrobe. When it arrived I immediately tried it on with my favorite mom jeans and the fit was perfect. The tank is soft and flattering without being too tight - some ribbed tanks can feel too restricting, as though I'm wearing a sports bra. It comes in two other tie-dye shades, so can you blame me for stocking up?