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Out of Closet Space? These 16 Clothing Racks Are as Stylish as They Are Useful

Living in a small space forces you to get creative. No storage space? Mount some floating shelves and invest in under-the-bed boxes. Tiny kitchen? Buy a portable island that doubles as a bar cart.

The one problem that's a little tougher to solve? A lack of closet space. No amount of tidying up Marie Kondo-style will help - you really need somewhere to stash everything from your Winter sweaters to sparkly dresses. That's where clothing racks come in. These free-standing organizers serve as a stand-in for closets, keeping your clothing organized without taking up as much room as an extra dresser. They can even look like a stylistic choice - if you pick a well-designed garment rack and hang your clothes thoughtfully. Here are 16 of the best options for garment racks that double as decor.