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North Carolina Woman Films the Moment a Massive Tornado Barrels Towards Her Family

A North Carolina woman was filming what she was thought was a dark cloud on Sunday when she realized it was a tornado that was heading in her direction.

Stephanie Hopkins was driving with her husband, Shawn, and their three children — ages, 2, 6 and 7, in Greensboro — when they spotted an impressive-looking storm cloud. As they drove closer to it, it became clear that it was quickly forming into a massive tornado, according to The Charlotte Observer.

“I got the phone out and began recording and then when we realized it was a tornado I started freaking out,” Stephanie told the outlet. “I literally thought we were going to die. It was like a scene from a movie and my entire family was in the car … There was a moment where we couldn’t see the road, but we kept driving trying to get away from the storm.”

Hopkins posted the video on Instagram and then Facebook with the caption, “Lord keep us safe!!!!” It has since brought in more than 74,000 views.

Stephanie told the Observer that her family lives near where the tornado’s hit, but that they made it out safely.

According to ABC11, the severe storms on Sunday caused tens of thousands of people to lose power and some homes have been completely destroyed.