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The Most Flattering Winter Trends For Big-Busted Fashion-Lovers

When we watch the Fall/Winter runway trends emerge six months prior to the weather itself, we can't help but get purely giddy with excitement. We amass quite the arsenal of looks we're going to debut with the Winter chill that show off all of the most exciting looks, colors, and patterns that are about to have a huge moment. And, as the temperature begins to drop, we're given the gift of a multitude of street style stars who do the same, only adding to the anticipation we already feel.

As we mentally scan the trends that are coming up with fervor, though, those larger-chested among us know that it isn't always so easy as to snap your fingers and slip into something that might not have as much support; boast ruffles, statement necks, and have too-chunky materials; or generally make us feel as though we've lost our body's natural shape with something oversized or boxy.

Ahead, find five of our favorite Fall and Winter 2019 trends that also happen to be totally flattering for small and large-chested alike. Get ready to upgrade that wardrobe just in time for the coldest season of the year.