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Kim Kardashian's Dior Outfit Proves That No Amount of Snakeskin Is Too Much

Aside from her riches, one thing you could probably never take away from Kim Kardashian is her love for animal print. We've seen her go bold in everything from a sexy snakeskin maxi skirt to an ensemble that featured leopard print down to the boots and gloves, so it's easy to believe she wasn't afraid to stand out during her appearance at the Dior Men's Fall 2020 runway show on Dec. 3. The reality star and Skims founder stepped out at the Miami event wearing a head-to-toe animal-print ensemble that featured snakeskin in four different colors.

Kim wore a pair of green python-print pants, a white printed coat, yellow boots, and a blue over-the-shoulder bag. According to a few tags on her most recent Instagram Stories, her entire outfit was designed by Dior. Read ahead to see her more photos of her look.