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Jessica Alba Designed the New Honest Co. Headquarters to Look Just Like Her House

Jessica Alba doesn’t care about designer names when it comes to interior design, but she does require a spot to “throw your feet up.”

“This office looks very much like my home,” Alba, 35, tells of the new California headquarters of her brand, The Honest Company. She decorated the space with her long-time collaborators, Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone of Consort Design.

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“I used Consort to design every room in my house,” Alba says. (The partners have also decorated homes for Shay Mitchell and Kardashian hair stylist Jen Atkin.) “They really get my vibe,” she explains. “I like vintage and some new things; I like luxe fabrics, but I don’t care about designer necessarily.”

For the massive, bare bones office, located in Playa Vista, Alba wanted “many unconventional spaces that had a home vibe,” she says. “We have lots of whiteboards; you know it’s still a work space. I just didn’t want it to feel like an old stodgy corporate office.”

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Alba’s private office is decorated with drawings by her daughters Honor, 8, and Haven, 5, and is far from the traditional CEO setup. “I don’t have a desk with a computer in my office. Instead, I have a round table, I have a couch, I have an espresso machine,” she says.

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But the actor-entrepreneur is very serious about her business. I never think of myself as ‘Jessica Alba the Actress’ unless I’m going to a premiere of a movie and someone is asking me for my autograph. Outside of that, I always think of myself as ‘Jessica who works at The Honest Company.’

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