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I Can't Stop Staring at Pictures of Fleece Jackets on My Instagram - Here Are My Favorites

You can gauge the type of mood I'm in by the Instagram posts I'm interacting with, and based on the number of fleece jackets and zip-ups I'm liking in my feed, it's safe to say the mood I'm in is a combination of cold and flat-out obsessed with these cozy vibes. If I'm scrolling and see a fashion girl wearing a fleece jacket with wide-leg jeans while running errands or unzipped over a dress, the picture gets an immediate like, and if I see someone taking a photo of their reflection in Pilates class wearing workout tights and a pastel fleece jacket, that's also getting my double tap of approval. I just can't stop myself.

The fleece jacket is practical and cozy, and with so much more texture than a traditional sweatshirt, it's a fun layering piece that's oozing with retro vibes. Shop this trend like I am with these six options, which range from zip-ups to crewnecks.