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How This Fashion Publicist Keeps Her Skin So Good

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Do you ever see someone on Instagram and think, Why is your skin so good? We do, so we started asking. Welcome to Why Is Your Skin So Good. Want more skin care? Join our Facebook Group, the Beauty of It All.

“Water, water, water!” Clara Jeon, co-founder of Chapter 2 Agency, tells me when I ask her about what she does to keep her skin so good. “I must go through 4–5 liters of water a day — actually, probably more. It’s become a running joke in my office.”

Jeon balances out all that hydration with a routine that’s inspired, at least in part, by her mother. “I think when you have a Korean mother who has a mini-fridge in her bathroom to keep her serums and face masks cold,” she says, “you come out of the birth canal with a skin-care routine.”

But she also believes in keeping it simple. Just because your mom has a ten-step routine doesn’t mean you can’t have a five-step one. Read on for her favorite products.

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