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Buying New Jewelry Puts Me in a Great Mood - Here Are 12 Pieces All Under $25

There's something to be said about the power of scrolling through pretty pictures online. Whether it's in your Instagram feed or on your favorite retailer's site, looking at inspirational and colorful fashion trends definitely has the ability to put a smile on my face. Which is why I regularly turn to simple pleasures like scanning for affordable new jewelry. A red hoop that pops or a trio of necklaces gets my mind going. "What would I wear with those?" or "How would I style my hair with those earrings?"

So when I'm looking for a quick mood boost I turn to Old Navy for its wide assortment of affordable jewelry. This month the retailer is fully stocked with all sorts of bright pieces, from earrings to necklaces. I've added a few to my cart already, and I'm starting to think about the makeup or hairstyles I'll wear to complement each new piece.