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Bella Hadid's Birthday Outfit Was Form-Fitting and Fabulous - Did You Expect Any Less?

Bella Hadid spent her birthday in not one, but two fabulous outfits. The supermodel, who just turned 23, was seen around New York celebrating her big day with her sister Gigi and mother Yolanda. Another person who made a special appearance? Singer Dua Lipa, who happens to be dating Bella's brother Anwar! During the day, Bella gave a nod to the '90s with an all-black ensemble from 1017 ALYX 9SM. She wore a black turtleneck paired with a blazer and miniskirt combo. Her blazer had a matching belt that cinched in her waist. She accessorized with a pair of Matrix-inspired sunglasses and sheer knee-high socks that went perfectly with her Doc Martens.

At night, Bella switched into a more eye-catching look of the night while grabbing dinner with friends. She slipped into a vintage Dior dress from What Goes Around Comes Around. The sleeveless dress came in a turtleneck silhouette that's perfect for Fall. The retro look from Dior is called the Stained Glass Dress, and it's something we could see Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast wearing. To complete her outfit, Bella styled the dress with a pair of black embossed Paige boots ($578). Keep reading to see all angles of Bella's birthday outfits ahead.