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15 Chic and Comfy Coats For Curvy Figures - Starting at Just $85

Hunting down the perfect coat you're going to wear all season long is no easy feat. You'll want something comfy, stylish, and also versatile. Shopping for the right fit and size too, is important. That's why we turned to Macy's because the department store has tons of styles, sizes, and choices to shop at superaffordable prices. The store carries popular names like Michael Kors, Calvin Klien, and so many more, it's hard to choose just one.

To make shopping easier, we did the hard work for you. Ahead, you can shop our 15 favorite picks of the season. From cozy teddy coats to sleek wool choices with faux-fur collars, there's no shortage of good finds here. Keep reading to shop them all and find your match.