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100+ Vintage and Secondhand Chanel Pieces We're Losing Our Minds Over

We're all familiar with that insuppressible squeal of excitement when you get something new - it's often accompanied by a squirmy little dance and animated hand gesture. The cause could be something as simple as a perfect new t-shirt, a great pair of boots, or a pretty dress. It could also be the result of the insurmountable joy felt when purchasing a piece from Chanel. The French luxury brand is one of those that's caused countless squeals, yelps, and sing-songy utterances around the world from the iconic handbags and shoes to the artfully crafted tweed coats, logo belts, and jewelry. Because the brand is so coveted, it can be hard to get your hands on sought-after pieces. But we've got a hack for shopping Chanel that not only makes the process easier, but it can help save you a few bucks and is a more sustainable way of shopping: online stores that sell vintage and secondhand styles. Are you squealing? I'm squealing.

From vintage boutiques that ship around the world to online consignment stores with incredible selections, the pre-owned market is one of the best ways to score big on Chanel treasure troves, if you will, whether you're buying your first bag or building up your collection. Of course, as with any pricy purchase, you'll want to do your research and avoid making hasty decisions, especially when authenticity is a factor. But thanks to reputable retailers like The RealReal, Vestiaire Collective, Farfetch, and Shopbop, the authentication process is a serious one, so you can feel confident when making such a big purchase.

There are also stores and resale sites that specialize in luxury labels and antique jewelry - including What Goes Around Comes Around, 1stdibs, Fashionphile, Rebag, Broken English, LePrix, LXRandCo, Vintage-United, and KERN1 - all of which are go-to destinations for shopping Chanel secondhand. There are even unsuspecting destinations for shopping pre-owned Chanel, like One Kings Lane (who knew?!).

Whether you're on the hunt for the perfect Chanel bag, have been lusting over the classic ballet flats and slingbacks, are craving a statement accessory like a logo belt, earrings, or pendant, or want an uncommon extra like a pearl-adorned hair tie (yes, really!), discover 100+ vintage and secondhand Chanel pieces we're losing our minds over.