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Celebrity Fashion News

LOOK: What Happened To These Style Stars?

Remember a time when "The O.C.'s" Mischa Barton was the darling of the fashion world? No? Well the former fashionista
is attempting a career (and style) resurrection, with the help of her upcoming movie, appropriately titled "The Resurrection."

Despite her career lull, (her TV show "The Beautiful Life: TBL" got cancelled after only two episodes in Sept. 2009), Barton still gets invited to fashion shows.

Aja Beech: The Babylon Cartel

Babylon Cartel brought Trinidad James to the Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, less than a week after a fatal shooting following a French Montana show at the same venue. Fashion designer Gianni Lee was a DJ for the evening. After the show, Lee invited me backstage to talk about his collective, his theories on art, design and being a young black man in today's art world.