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Celebrity Fashion News

Kim Kardashian Gives Tiny Sneak Peek of Bare Baby Bump in Sexy Camisole Top

Sexy mama-to-be! On Friday (March 15) pregnant Kim Kardashian -- bound for a nail salon -- arrived at a Beverly Hills parking lot, and used the simple errand to showcase her evolving maternity style. With a male pal in tow, the expectant reality star, 32, gave a tiny glimpse of her growing baby bump in sexy black lace camisole top; she paired the cleavage-baring piece with a black blazer, tight black pants and sandals. The E!

Watch Marilyn Manson Exit a Party in a Cloud of Smoke

You know that feeling when you're leaving a party, and you're too tired to say good-bye to everyone, much less fight your way through a crowd or compete for a taxi? And you keep thinking, if only I could say "abracadabra," disappear in a cloud of smoke, and magically be back home. Marilyn Manson feels that way, too. 

From Date Night to Brunch: Weekend Wardrobe Inspiration (St. Patrick’s Day Included!)

Raise your hand if you can’t wait for the weekend! Well, now, put it down, people are staring. But if you’re like us, you’re already planning ahead for your next three big outfits, and we’re here to provide inspiration. Below, check out a low-maintenance date night look, the perfect Saint Patrick’s Day party outfit and something to wear to work on Monday to celebrate spring being on its way.