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Celebrity Fashion News

Jill Stuart Has a Party Dress For Every Girl in Her Fall '13 Lineup

With a lineup of party frocks and sweet, polished suits, Jill Stuart's Fall 2013 collection could charm just about any fashion fan. The dresses are perfectly feminine, but it's the fabrics that you in - frothy finishes, a little shimmer, and lace detailing make this set worth adding to your cocktail-dress repertoire. Watch on for a complete look at Jill Stuart's Fall '13.

Riding Around Paris With Olivier Zahm, Fashion's Most Libidinal Editor

Even in the dead center of a Paris winter, when the sun hasn’t been out for hours, if not days, Olivier Zahm’s eyes are all but invisible beneath the Coke-bottle-thick prescription amber lenses of his Ray-Ban aviators. Seeing him in public without them would be like spotting a unicorn in the Jardin du Luxembourg.