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Just Say No to These Steve Madden Platforms

If I could build a time machine to go back and talk to my 12-year-old self, I’d comfort her with a few key facts from the future: pant waistbands go all the way up to your boobs now, your insanely hairy brows are in, and every mean girl at your middle school is now involved in a multi-level Facebook marketing scheme. Or so I once thought.

Can Eating Seeds Balance Your Hormones?

Like many wellness practices that become trendy for months or years at a time before becoming pop-cultural joke material (before again becoming trendy), seed cycling first entered my consciousness via Instagram Discover, where I am often drawn to pictures of food-adjacent substances which have been beautifully and painstakingly staged. Often these are gloopy porridges, overlain with fruit and nuts and, more recently, seeds, though I also tend to see a lot of balls.

Meet 5 French Millennials Who Hand-Stitch Chanel for a Living

If fashion is fantasy, then Chanel’s Métiers d’Art shows have always been dreams come true. During these runway presentations, Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s creative director who died in February, would highlight the work of some of France’s oldest ateliers — shoemakers, lacemakers, and the like — all of which have been in business since the late-19th century.

A Sunny Saturday at Brooklyn’s Most Instagrammable Intersection

The Empire State Building peeks through the Manhattan Bridge’s arches at the corner of Washington and Water Streets in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Framed by two historic redbrick buildings and largely unchanged since 1909, the view is a portal to the past. And, more recently, it’s a significant addition to the tourist circuit. The swarms of visitors, influencers, and wedding parties have effectively forced cars off the road — until the occasional Range Rover honks to clear a path.