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WATCH: Real Life Golden Girls Sophia and Rose Prove that Furry Friendships Are Real

Thank you for being a friend.

That’s what a nearly blind dog named Sophia would likely say to Rose, her very best friend.

The dogs, who share names with two of our favorite Golden Girls, were abandoned together at the playard at the Atlanta Humane Society — but the true strength of their bond wouldn’t show itself until they were separated during medical care.

7 Things We’re Dying to Buy This Week

Like clockwork each week, a slew of new stuff hits the internet. Some things we’ll bookmark for later, when they hopefully go on sale. Others are so good we have to buy them immediately, before they sell out. Because we’re obsessive shoppers, every Tuesday, we’ll highlight the best new things to buy now.

‘Cones of Fame’ Turns Dreaded Collars into Fashionable Accessories that Help Shelter Dogs Find Homes

The Cone of Shame, or the Elizabethan collar, as it is more officially known, is most likely a dog’s least favorite accessory.

It keeps them from licking, biting, sniffing, snooping and all the other activities dogs enjoy. Unfortunately, it is a necessary evil. It is a goofy piece of plastic that makes your pet look like a lamp, but it also allows them to heal from surgery and other health issues quickly.

Erin Einbender wanted to change the predominant perception about these collars, and so Cones of Fame was born.