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The Lipstick I Wore to My Divorce

In the last year of my marriage, a relationship that had run its course after 12 years, I gave up on truth and beauty. I was depressed, but I didn’t call it that. I lived as an American expatriate in Singapore, and the island, along with the sadness and resentment enveloping my marriage, was slowly suffocating me. It was so small, and the humidity was oppressive.

Am I Confident Enough in My Social Life to Consider a Peloton?

I read stories about Peloton with great interest, including the one that came out recently in Elemental, Medium’s new health section. It covered the rise and rise of the at-home-and-digitally-connected exercise bike (and beyond, now that there’s a treadmill and a yoga program, too — and more).

I Love This Green Face Oil That Smells Like Weed

Ever since it launched last fall, Herbivore’s Emerald Oil has been the last step in my makeup routine. I like its rich-but-not-too-rich consistency, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I am swayed by how chic it looks in my medicine cabinet. With one drop rubbed together in my hands, I pat it into my cheekbones to get a nice, dewy finish.