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Sister Wives' Kody Doesn't Desire to Be Intimate with Meri — Will Their Relationship Survive?

The issues between Kody and Meri Brown appear to be getting worse.

This Sunday, Sister Wives audiences will watch the first part of the series’ Tell All when Kody and his four wives discuss the past season. In a PEOPLE exclusive sneak peek at the tense episode, Kody, 49, and Meri, 47, brown get candid about their strained relationship and reveal what it will take to stay together.

Get Your Puppy the Perfect Toy By Figuring Out Their Play Style

Puppies love to play, but, like humans, each little dog plays a little differently.

The dog toy gurus at BarkShop are constantly studying, tinkering, researching and snuggling for the sake of toy science. Through their tireless and adorable work, they have discovered there are several types of puppy “play styles.”

Different toys suit each of these different styles. To help us break it all down, BarkShop revealed the puppy play styles they have found and the perfect toy to match each of these kinds of fun-loving pups.

A Child Is Killed Every 2 Weeks by Furniture Tip-Overs, But Report Finds Many Pieces Still Untested

A new study has unveiled a deadly threat hiding in your home.

Every 17 minutes, a piece of furniture, TV or appliance tipping over causes an injury in the U.S., according to information provided to Consumer Reports (CR) by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. A total of 195 deaths caused by tip-overs were reported between 2000-2016.