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U.K.’s Terror Threat Level Rises to ‘Critical’ as Prime Minister Says Soldiers Will Be Deployed

Insisting another attack was not only likely but possibly imminent following a deadly bombing in Manchester, British Prime Minister Theresa May said Tuesday that the country’s terror threat level was rising from “severe” to “critical.”

May made the solemn announcement live on British television as she also cautioned against unnecessary alarm.

Old, Grumpy Feral Cat Turns Into Loving Mush After Meeting Kittens

This isn’t the story of a young, starry-eyed couple’s romance. This is a different kind of love story.

It starts with Mason, a formerly feral cat who was taken in by TinyKittens HQ in British Columbia. While not tiny or a kitten, Mason ended up at  the rescue because they believed the grumpy senior deserved the chance to live out his golden years in the comfort of a loving home.

Blake Shelton Says Walking Into a Room with Girlfriend Gwen Stefani ‘Builds Your Ego Up’

It’s a round of Voice musical chairs!

Alicia Keys is leaving NBC’s hit singing competition show as a judge next season, and while Blake Shelton is sad to see her go, it sounds like the country star doesn’t believe it’s goodbye forever.