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Justin Trudeau Was Extremely Into Man Jewelry When He Was Young

Canadian PM Trudeau Speaks At U.S. Chamber Of Commerce

What’s the acceptable amount of man jewelry to wear? An Anthony Bourdain–esque thumb ring? A stack of bracelets like your least favorite guy in yoga class? If you’re asking me, I say none. If you’re asking a young Justin Trudeau, well, that’s a different story.

Steve Harvey's Ridiculously Good-Looking Family Can Work A Runway

Steve Harvey’s family knows how to work the runway.

Jason Harvey, who is the talk show host’s son, and his model wife, Amanda, recently opened Dolce & Gabbana’s show for Milan Fashion Week. They walked with their adorable kids, Noah and Rose, and absolutely nailed it:

The Best Makeup Brush Is a Cheap, Rubbery Disc

What is a man if he is not interfering in the life of a woman? Well in this case, he’d be a man without a makeup company. That’s the abbreviated story of The MakeupDrop — a single-product beauty brand that was launched when one of its chief architects sought to upgrade his girlfriend’s makeup sponge. Already the founder of a watch company that incorporated silicone into the bands, Jay Hartington (along with co-founder Drew Deters) used the same silicone to create a poreless, easy-to-clean, water-drop-shaped makeup sponge.