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A One-Eyed Dog Discovered Her Owner Had Skin Cancer

A woman in Buffalo, New York, learned the true meaning of puppy love when her dog found a cancerous lump near her nose, which she initially thought was just a scratch. Lauren Gauthier adopted her one-eyed Teeing Walker Coonhound, Victoria, eight months ago, and the dog recently began sniffing her nose and would make a funny face each time. That tipped off Gauthier and made her realize something was wrong.

Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski Reveals He Is Basically John Mayer's Twin—See the Shocking Side-by-Side Photo

Antoni Porowski has a twin, and his name is John Mayer.

On Thursday, the Queer Eye star posted an Instagram of himself posing exactly like John Mayer with the caption, “’I dunno, guys, I just don’t see it.’” Apparently, some of his followers were confused by his sarcastic caption, so he clarified by posting a side-by-side photo of his picture next to Mayer’s—and yes, they’re basically identical twins who were separated at birth.