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Celebrity Fashion News

Alisa Wolfson: Yes, Ugg Boots Really Are That Bad, And Yes, I Wear Them Happily

When I lived in New York City, it was so cold that I had a wealth of winter weather shoes, each warmer than the next. I had L.L. Bean boots, specifically deemed for freshly fallen snow, No. 6 shearling-lined clog boots for hard-packed snow that caked the city's sidewalks and a bunch of other boots for everyday occasions, like my Adrienne Vittadini riding boots and my mid-calf grey Frey booties.

British Author Calls Kate Middleton 'Plastic,' 'Designed To Breed'

Acclaimed author Hilary Mantel caused quite the stir after she defined Middleton as "a jointed doll on which certain rags are hung" whose "only point and purpose being to give birth." She also described the princess as "plastic" and "designed to breed."

PHOTOS: Kate Middleton Takes Her Baby Bump To Hope House

Kate Middleton's baby bump is finally officially here!

We got a glimpse of the duchess' growing belly a few weeks ago when she stepped out to do some shopping in a Zara cape. But today, Kate put her bump front and center in a gray MaxMara wrap dress (from 2011, unfortunately) during an official engagement at London's Hope House.

He's Dealing With Balding Like A Boss

Nice Peter, the guy behind Epic Rap Battles of History, has recently had to deal with a troubling fact: he's going bald. But rather than sit around and wait for it like a chump, he decided to face baldness head on and shave his head. Naturally, the only way for Nice Peter to take that leap, was with a song.

Watch above as this brave young man has his head shaved while singing the "Bald Guy Song".