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Celebrity Fashion News

LOOK: Oscar de la Renta And Galliano Together At NYFW

With electric violet gowns and sleek black belted jackets, Oscar de la Renta's Fall 2013 collection sashayed down the runway on Tuesday night as the Dominican designer unveiled his latest collaboration with British designer John Galliano at New York Fashion Week.

The much anticipated show marked Galliano's return to the runways since he was dismissed from French fashion house Christian Dior in 2011 for anti-Semitic remarks and expressed admiration for Hitler.

How Kate Upton Got In Shape for Her ‘Sports Illustrated’ Cover (We’re Tired Just Thinking About It)

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated CoverCourtesy Sports Illustrated

What’s harder than posing almost naked in the freezing cold in Antarctica? Preparing to pose almost naked in the freezing cold in Antarctica.