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Celebrity Fashion News

Project Runway': Layana Wants Credit For Daniel's Work

Avant garde was the order of the week on "Project Runway," but it appears delusional breakdowns was also on the menu. Especially for contestant Layana. She lost it completely when her teammate Daniel claimed that his was the better look, which it was. But that wasn't even the real problem with what he said, according to Layana.

Jon Hamm Gets Advice From Large-Membered Man On Battle With His Bulge

The man with the world's largest penis has a heart that's just as big.

Jonah Falcon, whose 13.5-inch male sex organ is recognized as the world's biggest, has heard about how actor Jon Hamm is bothered by the attention being paid to the size of his own genitals and wants to offer his support.

Falcon, 42, deals with cheers and jeers on a regular basis, and said that Hamm's penis may not be the problem.