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Let's Check In On How The 'Today' Beards Are Growing

It's been a while since we checked in on the state of "The Beards Of 'Today.'" That's a made-up thing, you say? Well, we say phooey to that! Don't you remember that all the men on the "Today" show have foregone the act of shaving for the month of November, for reasons we can only vaguely remember?

As the month is just over halfway through, it's time to judge how these beards are faring.*

Matt Lauer

Olivia Pope's 'Scandal' Wardrobe Gets Amped Up For Season 3

NEW YORK (AP) — Notice anything different about Olivia Pope's look this season on "Scandal"?

It's still full of the very best designer labels, and her suits — a good chunk of her wardrobe — blend an aggressive edge with a sexy shape while staying professional. But in Season 3, there's a hint more color, and many of the silhouettes are asymmetrical, showing her just a bit off-kilter. "Hopefully viewers will see the emotional reason to make these changes, and we've amped up the fashion, too, because we needed it for the story," explains costume designer Lyn Paolo.