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16 Fancy Pajamas You Can Wear to Parties

This time of year, life gets busy with a packed schedule of parties. If all you want is to feel comfortable, even on a night out, know this: Plenty of fashion influencers have worn fancy, stylish pajamas to glamorous events and galas. You can do the same. Whether you want something with over-the-top glamour or a more understated outfit, you can easily skip a sequin dress for a silky set of PJs. Just add nice shoes and some lipstick to dress it up.

Christian Siriano Steps Up Once Again

Should you have a crime emergency, throw up the Bat Signal and Batman is on his way. Looking to exorcise a few pesky ghosts from your apartment? Call the Ghostbusters. But if you’re a celebrity in need of a gown for a red carpet or to wear to an awards show and you’re coming up short, the thing to do is drop a hint on social media. Christian Siriano is at the ready.