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Celebrity Fashion News

Gigi Hadid's Tommy Hilfiger Line Has Arrived! Here's What You'll Actually Wear

On Tuesday Gigi Hadid closed out London Fashion Week with a star-studded show for her latest collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger. The new line of Tommy x Gigi has a noticeable rocker vibe, with lots of plaid, leather and studded pieces.

Itty-Bitty Kitty Trapped in Car Engine for Three Days Saved by California Firefighters

The cat’s out of the Lexus!

A tiny kitten who spent three days caught in a car engine is finally free.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Adrienne Koroly parked his Lexus in front of his parents’ Moreno Valley, California, home on Saturday and heard a faint meowing sound when he stepped out of the car.

Kirsten Dunst Accidentally Got Stoned Out of Her Mind While Filming Rodarte Sisters Movie

Kirsten Dunst’s trippy stoner-chic movie Woodshock, made with the Rodarte sisters, is at least in part cinema verité. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Dunst talked about how she accidentally smoked a joint that had been mixed in with the pot-free joints made for the movie, and got extremely high without realizing it. “We’re talking about Humboldt weed,” Dunst explained (the movie was shot in Northern California). “I don’t smoke full joints.

Real Housewives of Dallas’ D’Andra Simmons’ on Diamonds, Designer Gowns and Twitter Feuds Between Castmates

Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Dallas may just be getting started, but new housewife D’Andra Simmons has already established herself as having one of the best wardrobes of any Real Housewife in history (OK, maybe tied with Lisa Vanderpump). From her closet full of high-end designer gowns to her blinding collection of jewelry, the Dallas native’s style follows the age old saying, “everything’s bigger in Texas.”